Sunday, July 23, 2006

Popup Politicians

"Popup Politicians" is an interesting angle on distributed publication launched earlier this week. If you add the tags below to politicians referenced on your Web page, a bubble will appear with useful links to their voting records etc.

While the information does come from a centralized source--Congresspedia, for example--this method allows access to that information to be distributed across individual Web pages.


From the site:

Popup Politicians is an AJAX-based widget that adds mini-profiles with links of Members of Congress to your page that appear when you mouseover the link.

This prototype consists of a callable remote API for getting info about politicians, and a tag-popup script which uses that API. To use it, you tag politicians on the page, using this format:

<a href="" rel="tag">Sen. Edward M. Kennedy</a>

(this format should be consistent with technorati and other tag-scrapers on the web). Next, you add the script file, like this:
<script src=""></script>

When the script runs, it finds all the tags that look like the above, and adds a popup.


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