Monday, August 11, 2008

National Poetry Foundation launches first Mesh

The National Poetry Foundation is now the first organization to found its own Mesh:
Over forty authors from the National Poetry Foundation's conference on poetry of the seventies have published their work using a new Still Water tool that reveals connections among different peoples' writing. Who knew that "1973" and "John Ashbery" were on so many poets' minds? ThoughtMesh did.
A Mesh is a subset of articles linked using ThoughtMesh software; each Mesh is controlled by an individual or collective organization, and is typically devoted to a particular topic.

A tag cloud on the NPF Mesh home reveals the most common tags across
all the texts contributed by its members. Some are no
surprise--"poetics" and "modernism," for example--while others, such as
"1973," "John Ashbery," and "erotic," suggest themes for poets in the
seventies that might not otherwise have been evident.

Since the NPF took the plunge, other organizations have created their own Meshes, including the University of Cambridge and Still Water.


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